SUMP PUMPS: how your home can benefit from it

In the rainy season, more amount of rainfall is the major reason why sump pump become the priority of masses. For save the basement from the floods and for more protection of the house sump pump utilized by the masses. Another reason you require a sump pump to protect your home from the moisture and the precipitation. There are many sources through which water enter your home.

sump pump battery backup system

Firstly, as discussed above it enters due to the flooding. Secondly, it enters due to the hydrostatic pressure. Hydrostatic pressure is defined as the term when water comes up from the ground instead of coming in the form of rain. If in that region where you reside hydrostatic pressure is the common problem then it can become a danger for the walls and brick of your basement building. So, to mitigate this problem install a sump pump in your home.

Pressure upon your House:-

Sump Pump for basement protection.

Not only in the rainy season but also in the summer season when a day is sunniest the walls of your home hold gallons of water in it. That water does not come from the sky but from the ground. The volume of this water cannot be underestimated. It will make your building weaker and destroy all the concrete among the walls. Some people opine that it is simply static water polled below ground. But that water is under active upward pressure which also has small mixing of soil and rocks.

This pressure imposed with the greatest force due to which water rising up from the ground level. Then due to this pressure water is able to remove cracks from the walls. Then, cracks formed in the walls and damage the building. According to one study, 60 percent of homes get damage due to this hydrostatic pressure of the water.

It is alone enough to destroy your basement. But in the rainy season when it is accompanied by the rain then its pressure became double because then the soil becomes super-saturated. So, this pushes water with more pressure. However, you can solve out this problem easily by manufacturing a sump pit and installing a sump pump in your home.

The Sump Pit Downstairs

sump pit           

In the majority of the basements, the location where sump pits are excavated in the central area. Due to which it can provide the best balance of the hydrostatic pressure. Also, sump pit and the sump pump require regular maintenance. So, they installed in such a way that it remains in the access of the homeowner. Thus, they can easily maintain it.

Sump Pumps are available in two types

pedestal and submersible sump pump

  • A Pedestal sump pump remains above the ground except for its float and suction pipe which present into the water. Pedestal pump is easy to maintain as compared to the submersible sump pump because its connections are not enclosed with the sump pit. However, it creates little bit more noise than submersible sump pump but also cheap
  • A Submersible Sump Pump is totally submerged in the sump basin where water is present. It does not heat up easily and runs smoothly. During its installation whole float switch and the pump is installed down the pit. While it is expensive than pedestal sump pump due to its long-lasting benefits.   

  Do you need a backup with Sump Pump?

Yes, of course. In some extreme conditions, electric power remains off for some days, especially during rainy days. So, if sump pump does not have the power to run then how it works?So, install sump pump battery backup in order to leave stress from your shoulders. It will work even at that time when the power goes out.

Additionally, you can attach your sump pump with alarm. Sump pump alarms concern you in danger. Some alarms are Wi-Fi connected which are able to send your message. So, if you install one affordable sump pump alarm then you don’t have a need to worry about your basement even at the time when you are not at home.

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