The major focus of the Sump Pump Guide is to review the best sump pump for the customers in order to make your home more efficient by utilizing a battery backup sump pump and sump pump alarms which alerts the homeowners at the time of a danger.

When we started review the products, we come to know about the power of the content through which we become familiar with the features of the products. As a result, we want to explore such writers who can show their hidden talent by using their creative mind. So, we have announced an annual scholarship in which you can participate and move on in the plumbing field as a writer.

This scholarship is specially created for the undergraduates as well as postgraduates scholars. Now the students who have a hobby of writing have an opportunity to win $1000 as a reward.


Requirements for the Application:-

Those students who want to participate submit their required information to the with their identity. The topic should be of 1000-1500 words in length on the topics that are given to you with the complete scholarship form. If your topic will be unique, impressive and innovative then you will definitely get the scholarship. If you have a craze or passion for writing then contact us now with all required details.

Eligibility for the Scholarship:-

This is specially designed for the postgraduate or undergraduate students who have a superb creation of a mind which they can show. Every applicant must be has the capability to leave an effective impact on the reader’s mind.

Your articles are observed by the experts on the basis of some parameters in order to choose the winner. All parameters are described below:-

  • Writing and organizing skills
  • Innovation and creation power
  • The subject of the article
  • Effective Explanation
  • Topic format

You have to choose one topic from the following articles:-

  1. What is the role of the sump pump in home improvement?
  2. Benefits of buying a sump pump?
  3. Write a brief note on types of the sump pumps with a comparison.
  4. Things to consider before buying a sump pump.
  5. Buying online sump pump products are safe or not?

Submission of an application:-

After writing the article of 1000-1500 words submit us on our site. You have to complete the simple procedure in order to applying for a scholarship. Submit your form on our site or you can also email at

Deadline: 09-10-2019

Result announce: 09-12-2019